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Central Middle
Mailing Address Location Address
KANSAS CITY, MO 64128-2013
KANSAS CITY, MO 64128-2013

School Information
Education Agency KANSAS CITY 33
Phone Number (816) 418-2100
School Type Regular School
Official Grade Range 06 to 08
Statistical Information
Total Enrollment 701
Total Full-Time Teachers 41
Students per Teacher Ratio 17.10
Number of Migrant Students 0
State Instructional Expenditures $3,413.43 per student (Fiscal Year 1998)
School Rankings
State Instructional Expenditures per Student The schools in this state rank #31 among all U.S. States based on the State Instructional Expenditures per Student.
Student/Teacher Ratio among other schools in the same city This school ranks #17 among 18 middle schools in Kansas City based on Students per Teacher Ratio.
Enrollment per Grade
06 07 08
241 233 227
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